Shutdown using Power Button [ClarkConnect]

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Pressing the power button to shutdown a computer is always a bad thing to do, to properly shut down the system you must either log into the web interface and browse to ‘Tools – Shutdown/Restart’ or log in via PuTTY and enter the following:

shutdown -h now

This is a real problem especially as you will most probably have to power up one computer just to power down the other. A very useful tool can be installed that automatically runs the shutdown command for you when the Power Button is pressed safely shutting down the server.

Login in as root using PuTTY and type:

apt-get update
apt-get clean
apt-get install acpid

When you reboot you will find the power button now properly shuts down your computer.

(If this fails to work, it could be that your hardware doesn’t support the Advanced Configuration & Power Interface (ACPI) standard – check your motherboard’s BIOS settings and make sure it’s switched on.)

ACPID can be configured to run other scripts when acpi events occur, the configuration file is found at /etc/acpi/events/sample.conf if you fancy developing this further.

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